In It To X Prevent It

Prevention is KEY.

Here at Kings Gate Ranch Coffee Co., we are passionate about preventing sex-trafficking and restoring those who have already fallen victim to this vicious cycle. We know that rescue and restoration are vital to the fight against trafficking. However, we believe that to put an end to sex-trafficking, we have to PREVENT IT.

What is the Risk?

Risk factors of being sexually-trafficked include (but are not limited to):

  • Poverty
  • Little to no education
  • Lack of social support
  • Mental health issues/disorders
  • Current or past involvement in the child welfare system
  • Lack of basic human necessities
  • History of childhood abuse
  • Poor-self esteem
  • Etc.

We know that when people are in vulnerable life situations, they are far more likely to become a victim to sex-trafficking. That is why preventing the trafficking from ever taking place is so important. 

How We Do It

Some of our prevention projects include planting schools, churches, equine centers, water wells, clothing/feeding those in need, purchasing purposely sourced coffee beans, and more.

We believe that when you provide people with the resources that they need to be successful, you are stopping trafficking in its tracks. Not only are you providing resources for those in need, you are instilling self-worth and identity by giving them an education, sustainable income, and restoration. And in turn, preventing the cycle of sex-trafficking at the root.

We believe there is power in prevention; a new identity through restoration, and freedom from breaking the cycle.

This is a time to re-write their story, as they now identify that they are a true overcomer.

Lets Go to the ROOT.

So, what does this have to do with coffee?

90% of coffee production is happening in developing countries. They are mainly small farms and most of the employees are treated unfairly. They work day in and day out to bring us the most exquisite tasting coffee beans from around the globe.

For the farmer, we pay better value and provide sustainable income to those who could otherwise turn to trafficking as an alternative source of income. They foster the bean from the root, we foster amazing coffee to your cup.

Using purposefully sourced, high-quality beans, Kings Gate Ranch Coffee Co. is committed to the small farmer just as they are committed to the consumer.

The outcome of buying purposely sourced coffee beans is knowing exactly where our beans are coming from, how they are processed/cared for, as well as who we are supporting. By being specific as to who we buy our coffee beans from, we help provide a sustainable flow of income for the employees who work so hard to bring us amazing coffee.

100% Arabica coffee beans. All natural. No chemicals were used in the growing or processing of this coffee.

With every sip, your are impacting lives all the way down to the root.

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